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FAQ about Steel Fencing Buying & Maintenance

  1. Fence calculation

    If you are wonder how much fences your need to buy for your desired application, come here and get the solutions for fence calculation:

    A plan drawing of steel fencing to show its length

    Firstly, measure each line of your areas and take them down. Then, get the date of each panel's length; our panels are in length of 8' as shown in the right picture.

    Fence number of each line = line length ÷ 8'
    Post number = panel number + gate number + 1
    If you are want more accurate numbers, just feel free to email us enclosing the plan drawing of the areas with the detail dimensions, then we will figure out the exact number for you.

  2. What depth do I need to set my posts?

    The environments of your locations determine the post depth when concreting in. For example, if you are living in cold region, the depth of the post is 36" normally; however, the depth is 24" in warmer climates. Your local building regulations have these types of demands so don't forget to check them before purchasing.

  3. Regulations about swimming pool fencings

    Different places has their own restrictions about the height, picket spacing and horizontal rail spacing of pool fencing, please check the corresponding codes before buying.

  4. Is the panel maintenance free?

    Thanks to the superior coating, the fence features anti-stain, self-cleaning properties as well preserving its luster and integrity for years. So there is no need of ongoing maintenance. However, if the fence is damaged with deep scratches, the only thing you need to do is repainted it again or change a new components.

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