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How Does Palisade Fencing Protecting Your Houses?

Palisade fencing, similar to steel security fences, are designed to offer excellent performance in deterring would to be intruders form climbing over. Comparing with steel security fences, the palisade fencing comes with following features:

A Green PVC coated steel palisade fencing panel

Steel palisade fencing

  • Forbidding appearance with inherent strength.
  • Follow the ground without oversized bottom spacing.
  • Unscalable with narrow picket spacing to step into.
  • High resistance of prying, bending, impacts even disassembly.
  • With sharp razors on the top horizontal rails to prevent climbing.
  • High rust resistant owing to hot dipped galvanization or its PVC coating.


  • Parking lots and industrial sites
  • Schools, parks and churches.
  • Stadium, residential or commercial premises.
  • Railways and highways.
  • Factories and hospitals.

According to the profile, all palisade fencing products can be divided into two types: D section pale and W section pale as shown in the follow pictures:

D section pales with five types of pale heads
W section pales with four types of pale heads

D section pales are ideal for the applications where there is a need of perimeter delineation with forbidding appearance yet general damage resistance. Five types of pale heads are available including square top, triple pointed top, single pointed top, round top and round & notch top for you to choose from.

W section pales, coming with extra damage resistance comparing with D types, is the most used type for premise security. To cater different needs, W section pales with triple pointed top, single pointed top, round top or round & notch top can be manufactured as your request.

Material: low carbon steel, stainless steel, hot rolled or cold rolled.
Fence length: 2.75mm.
Fence height: 1.2m to 3.6m.
Post: RSJ post in size of 102 × 44mm or 127 × 66mm.
Pales height: 1.2m to 3.6.
Pales thickness: 2mm to 5mm.
Fittings: anti-vandal bolts and nuts.

Green painted steel palisade fencing is used to secure premises.

Steel palisade fencing with forbidding appearance is perfect for premises security

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