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Why Steel Balustrades & Handrails Are Your Best Choices?

Owing a balcony or a deck is a wonderful thing for most people, however, installing a secure balustrade or handrail is the most important thing you must concern. As there are various types of products full in the markets, you may puzzle over picking up the best one. Don't worry; our products will give you the best solution.


Black steel balustrade installed on an open balcony

Steel balustrades are excellent in protecting small children and pets from falling.

  • Complying with the strict law and requirements of balustrades and handrails.
  • Excellent protecting small children and pets falling from the balcony.
  • With high aesthetic and elegant appearance.
  • Capable to meet your needs of privacy or wind breaks.
  • Made of quality steel with superior anti-rust coating.
  • Anti-weather and anti-UV.
  • Strong and durable with long lifespan.
  • Low maintenance.

Why steel balustrade?

A number of materials can be used for balustrades and handrails according to locations, budgets and your desired appearances. Different properties of the balustrades will feature owing to different materials, such as steel, aluminum, timber and glass. And here is the comparison of these balustrades about why to choose the steel one:

  • Aluminum balustrade: rust-free with low maintenance yet not as strong as the steel one- that means it is easy to sag and deform.
  • Timber balustrade: can be purchased economical, however, ongoing maintenance is needed. Easy to rot in humid and moisture environments.
  • Glass balustrade: modern balustrade without any sight blocks. However, it is expensive and requires ongoing cleaning.
  • Steel balustrade: with the strongest and heaviest structures than others. Low maintenance is needed. Plated with four layers of coating to maximize anti-rusting property which makes it even suitable for castle applications. Meanwhile, long lifespan will bring the highest cost effectiveness to you.
Black steel handrails are installed to protect passengers

Black steel handrails

White steel handrails are used to protect your families.

White steel handrails with decorative rings.

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