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Steel Picket Fencing - the Most Used House Protector

Steel picket fencing features its pressed spear tops for providing a classic appearance. As the most popular types, steel picket fencing comes with two or three 14ga horizontal rails as well quality 16ga vertical pickets.

 A black steel picket fencing panel are placed against the wall.

Steel picket fencing panels

With a comprehensive of designs and simple structure, steel picket fencing is widely used to secure prestige and high security settings, such as schools, public house, hospital, medical facilities even industrial buildings and military base. Meanwhile, as the fence is easy and quick to install, it is also welcomed for residential usage including working as backyard fencing, estate fencing, apartment fencing or builders fencing, etc.

Superior coating allows highest weather resistance.
Best rust and corrosion resistance.
Maintenance free.
Withstand rugged environments.
Anti-aging without crazing or fading.
With various colors to suit your scheme.

Panel patterns:
Steel picket fence panels are available in various designs such as straight line top, staggered or waved top as shown in the pictures:

Six plan drawings of steel picket fencing patterns

Steel picket fencing patterns

Except above patterns, anti-intruder top with a bended angle can be provided by our company. As your request, custom patterns are also available.

Material: hot dipped galvanized steel material (complying with ASTM A787-G90).
Construction: welded or component fence panels.
Finish: four layer of coating including zinc coating (H.D), zinc phosphate, Epoxy coating and polyester powder coating from inside to outside.
Distance A: 6" or 5-3/4" from the first rail to the top of the panel.
Distance B: 10-3/4", 11" or 11-1/2" from the second rail to the top.
Distance C: 2" from the bottom of picket to the ground.
Picket spacing: 3-15/16" or 3-3/4".


Steel picket fencing specification
  Pickets rails Posts Height Length Distance A Distance B Application
SPF-1 5/8" × 18ga 1-1/4" × 15/16" × 14ga 2" × 2" × 16ga 3', 3.5', 4', 5' or 6' 8' 5-3/4" 10-3/4" Residential
SPF-2 3/4" ×14ga 1-1/2" ×1-1/2" × 14ga 2-1/2" × 2-1/2" × 14ga 7' or 8' 8' 6" 11-1/2" Commercial
SPF-3 3/4" × 18ga 1-1/2" ×1-1/2" × 14ga 2-1/2" × 2-1/2" × 16ga 3', 3.5', 4', 5' or 6' 8' 6" 11-1/2" Commercial
SPF-4 1" × 14ga 1-3/4" × 1-3/4" × 14ga Different according to heights 3', 3.5', 4', 5', 6', 7' or 8' 8' 8" 17-3/4" Industrial
SPF-5 1" × 16ga 1-3/4" × 1-3/4" × 14ga Different according to heights 3', 3.5', 4', 5', 6', 7' or 8' 8' 8" 17-3/4" Industrial
Black steel picket fencing panels are installed to safeguard a factory.

Steel picket fencing is ideal for premises safeguarding.

Steel picket fencing panels with bended top are used to secure house estates.

Steel picket fencing with bended top is also available in our company.


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